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Remediation Effort Now Transitioning Into Monitoring Phase


The remediation phase of the Lemon Creek spill has now reached BC Ministry of Environment (MoE) prescribed endpoints and will transition into a monitoring phase following a letter recieved by Executive Flight Centre from MoE confirming end points for clean-up activites have been acheived.


Lemon Creek Jet A-1 Endpoints


The following Environmental monitoring plans developed by SNC Lavalin on behalf of Executive Flight Centre were submitted to the BC Ministry of Environment for review and approval.


1.Environmental Monitoring Plans: Biological Programs (Sept. 30, 2013)
2.Environmental Monitoring Plans: Water and Sediment Quality (Sept. 30, 2013)


Executive Flight Centre recently received notice that the BC Ministry of Environment was prepared to consider the Environmental Monitoring Plans finalized. As per the Environmental Management Plans: MoE Direction (Oct. 2, 2013) the proposed monitoring plans commenced.


Results from these monitoring programs will be shared as they are available.



BC Ministry of Agriculture Soil And Crop Tissue Data Released (August 30)

Soil and crop tissue data related to the Slocan Valley Fuel Spill is now available on the BC Ministry of Agriculture's website along with maps and supporting documents.   BC Ministry of Agriculture Data



Interior Health’s Audit Sample Data Released (August 28)

Interior Health’s audit sample data has now been released. A summary of the sample locations and results is available and the complete lab results are available.



Water Quality Data Available

Water quality data related to the Slocan Valley Fuel Spill is now available on the following government websites long with maps and supporting documents.


BC Ministry of Environment

BC Interior Health



Link To Interior Health BC Information







IHA's Procedure for Flushing a Domestic Water System after a Do Not Use Water Advisory

Click for Procedure


Recovery Centre To Remain Open Until August 30th

The Recovery Centre will remain open until Friday August 30th. Any residents still using the potable water, showers and wash cars should speak with Nelle Maxey, the Recovery Manager, to discuss any continuing needs.

To assist in the transition from Community Resiliency to Community Recovery, the Regional District of Central Kootenay has appointed a Recovery Manager. Nelle Maxey, a Winlaw resident. Nelle can be contacted at the Slocan Valley Recovery Centre: 250-226-7323 or by email at


Well Water & Testing

Interior Health Authority advises that well water, in general, is not affected by the DO NOT USE ORDER. However, shallow wells close to the creek or rivers, particularly those in gravel/sandy soils, may be impacted.

Residents concerned about the safety and quality of their well water should contact the Interior Health Authority at 250.420.2220. Environmental Health Officers will be able to provide direction and advice on what to do and answers questions on whether your well water needs testing.


The Public Eye

We want your help identifying locations in the creek and river where fuel is present, or fish and wildlife impacts are observed. If you spot a site, identify the exact location and forward the information along with your name and contact to the Executive Flight Centre at (or call the toll free number at 1-855-399-1694).

The information will be forwarded to Quantum Murray which will dispatch a response clean-up crew to the site. This is particularly important for private landowners who may be required to grant access to the river from their property.


Losses and Claims Process

The cause and circumstance surrounding the incident are still under investigation by Transport Canada and by our safety team. While the investigation continues, anyone who may have questions about personal losses, impacts to property or livelihood, or other specific claims must follow the procedure as set out by the insurance company. A special claims number has been established. It is 1-800-880-8384.  Slocan Valley residents in need of initiating a claim please contact Leona Ashcroft from SCM claims in Nelson.


Leona G. Ashcroft, CIP Branch Manager ClaimsPro Inc.,

A division of SCM Insurance Services

2032- 622 Front Street, Nelson, BC V1L 4B7

Toll free: 1 – 800-880-8384 |